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Things We Love 11/11

Thursday, November 12th, 2009


Debbie loves Grand Union Pub at The Forum Shops on Military Cutoff Road – Went to Grand Union Pub Saturday night for dinner and was delighted with the decor, the food and the huge, circular bar. The interior has been completely transformed with sky high ceilings, warm woods and exposed brick. The extensive beer selection of tap and bottled brews will satisfy beer aficionados. The veggie burger and sweet potatoe fries were great and the price was right. I will return often.

Shawn loves Trivial Pursuit’s new campaign which pits males against females – That usually never turns out well for anyone involved. But this is actually a great playful campaign complete with a hysterical got a little nervous with my first two wrong answers, but then I hit a winning streak and decided to call it a day. I did my part to defend the intellegience intelligence of men all around the world.

Susan loves the “Dislike” addon for Facebook – some days your friends post something on Facebook that really makes you wonder where the Dislike button is. Like, say if they cancel plans with you at the last minute, you want to be able to show your displeasure. But all Facebook will let you do it “like” it. Well now, my snarky friends, thanks to Firefox there is an addon that you can use that will squeeze a “Dislike” option into your newsfeed. The only caveat, your friends must have the addon too in order to see your justified thumbs-down opinion.



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