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Ten memorable event locales

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

One of the best ways to increase interest in and attendance of an event is to choose an event venue out of the ordinary. Choosing a new and interesting venue can make a significant impact on an annual event that over the years has become somewhat monotonous. So scrap the traditional hotel ballroom and consider the following options:


• Aquarium
• Planetarium
• Sports stadium
• Boat, yacht or ferry
• Art gallery
• Museum
• Historic home or mansion
• Barn
• Botanical Gardens
• Theatre

These non-traditional venues provide many rich visual elements that could save you money on décor or can be tied to your theme.  Not only can you carry out the purpose of your event, but you will also give your guests a unique experience that they will remember and reflect back on for years to come.

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Make an impression at your next company event

Friday, March 6th, 2009


Whether you are hosting a 500-person corporate event or simply a small company gathering of 25, having an invitation that is high on the wow scale will help drive up the attendance. And earn you much deserved kudos for your creativity and attention to detail.

With the right design, a four-color invitation printed off-set or digitally could capture the style of your event beautifully. But if you’re looking to set your business apart from the competition, opt for a printing method that offers a little more elegance, like these for example:

  • Letterpress – This is the oldest form of printing. Ink is applied to the raised portions of printing plate, which is then pressed onto paper.
  • Embossing – This form of printing uses a combination of heat and pressure to create a three dimensional effect on the paper. The raised image is embossed, and the reverse side, where the image is indented, is debossed.
  • Engraving – The most formal printing option, engraving involves cutting grooves into the paper one letter at a time. Though many printers use computerized engraving, it is still a time intensive process, as the entire image is not done in one impression like letterpress and embossing.

These three options are going to set you back a little more than traditional printing, but the extra effort and cost would be well worth it for the right soiree.



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