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Outsmart your boss if he outlaws social media in the office

Thursday, March 19th, 2009


I’ll preface this entry and tell you that I realize I’m probably not the norm.

I work in an office where it’s encouraged - even required on some level to explore and engage in social media networks. I’m convinced Debbie knows what she’s doing when she mandates this. She’s studied up and witnessed the benefits first hand. So, I can’t help but feel sorry for the folks I come across who say Facebook and the like are off-limits at the office. Perhaps their bosses don’t know what they’re missing.

Well, get ready to chant “Viva La Revolucion!” because I’m here to arm you the best arguments for allowing the use of social media in your office.

1. Make a sale.

True story - I asked a question on LinkedIn looking for recommended vendors for a project. Someone responded to me, gave me options but also encouraged me to check out his company. Days later we signed a $15,000 contract with the company to utilize their services. What a coup for that company, who I would not have known about if they hadn’t been on LinkedIn. When appealing to your boss to allow to use social media networks at work -try to emphasize how it can build your company’s bottom line. It’s the very best argument you can offer.

2. Network.

Simply, social media can help you optimize your networking. Do it right and you can do in 15 minutes what you can’t do in five hour-long Chamber After Hours socials. Relationship building on social media networks like Twitter are a prime place to find top talent in today’s market, where many accomplished professionals are looking for new work. This is a great HR reason for using social media in the workplace.

3. Get publicity.

Smart reporters today are demanding that PR pros “tweet” their pitches. That means 140 characters or less. That means one, you better get good at getting to the point quickly (as in under 140 characters) and two, you better familiarize yourself with the conversations on Twitter, so you can get a piece of the huge publicity pie to be had in the Twitterverse. And when you get publicity, social media networks are the best places to aggregate it. You can add your hit to your Facebook, Digg, Stumble Upon, Del.ici.ous and more. Tell your boss that user-generated news is the way of the future and your company’s latest announcement is no relegated to traditional media outlets.

Are you ready to make your case now? Don’t forget to register for Talk’s free social media webinar on Thursday, April 23. You’ll get resources and tools for using social media to grow your business. And why not invite your boss to sit in?


Register for Social Media Webinar on April 23

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

smiconsThere’s a low hum moving quickly around the world that’s about to erupt into a loud roar.

It’s the online conversation.

If you’d like to learn more about how to harness the power of internet marketing and social media to grow your business, register for our free, 1-hour webinar.

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Millions of people are talking to each other online about everything from their favorite rock star to the type of car they like to drive. With the advent of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, wikis and RSS, the balance of power has shifted away from business and into the hands and keyboards of consumers. Is this a threat or an opportunity? I think it’s an opportunity. But only if managed appropriately.

Online technologies are changing at lightning speed. Every day, we discover new, better and cheaper ways to market businesses online. A burgeoning industry of SEO, SEM and social media experts are scrambling to help you optimize your website, launch a blog, and build your social media campaign.

Business as usual no longer exists. Consumers have taken communications into their own hands and they are talking about your business, products and services online. You can either join the conversation or get left behind. Get started now, and you’ll have a jump on your competitors. Wait too long and you’ll be playing catch-up.


Talk’s top ten Super Bowl ads

Monday, February 2nd, 2009



Talkies halftime results

Monday, February 2nd, 2009



Everyone’s talking about our Talkies

Friday, January 30th, 2009


Check out the latest buzz about Sunday night’s big game - no, not the Super Bowl, but our Talkies awards!





Talkies Preview: Sobe reveals :60 rough cut

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009


The Super Bowl ad previews are starting to roll in and our blog and Super Bowl website are the ultimate sources to get your sneak peek before the big game.

The latest is Pepsi Co.’s SoBe Lifewater, which left quite an impression on viewers last year with its ad featuring Naomi Campbell and 3D lizards dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. That ad got mixed reviews from our crowd and after watching the rough cut on Pepsi Co.’s website, this year’s promises to be even more outrageous. Add to that, the fact it’s meant to be viewed with 3D glasses you can find at various retailers, and you have ostentatious Super Bowl advertising at its best.

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Word of the Day 1/19/09

Monday, January 19th, 2009


METRONOME (noun): a device used by musicians that marks time at a selected rate by giving of a regular tick

SOURCEGet Fuzzy comic strip in today’s issue of the Star Newsimages2

USE IN A SENTENCE: My friend’s cat Socks is often transfixed by the motion of the metronome that sits atop her piano.


Local not-so-secret Santa making the holidays brighter

Friday, December 19th, 2008

It’s the kind of thing you see in the movies. Snowden’s Jewelers on S. College Road is playing Santa this year for residents of Wilmington. The store will be randomly distributing wrapped gifts, ranging in value from $20 to $100, around town up until Christmas Eve. Each bow-topped box will bear a note saying “Finder’s keepers compliments of Snowden’s Jewelers,” and the store simply asks that whomever finds the presents, enjoys them. Kudos to Snowden’s for adding a little whimsy to these tough economic times.


Things We Love

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Debbie loves iGoogle – I just set up my customized iGoogle page and it allows me to get a quick snapshot of the top headlines from key media outlets.  I also have my favorite RSS feeds, the weather, leading You Tube videos, and most importantly, the Dog of the Day photo.  This is a great example of how inbound marketing works. I go out and identify the information I want, sign up for the feeds, collect them on one page and voila!  — the information is blasted to me each morning first thing.  Thanks iGoogle.

Kelly loves Burger King’s “Flame” fragrance – The folks at Burger King have captured the essence of the Whopper, America’s favorite burger, with their new online men’s body spray.  Offering a “hint of flame-broiled meat”, fans everywhere can behold the scent of seduction, where “fire meets desire”.  Initially, I thought it was a clever publicity stunt (who would want to smell like a greasy burger) but then I discovered the fragrance really is available for purchase.  Die-hard fans everywhere must be rejoicing.

Kirsty loves the Wilmington Bloggers Network – A small, but influential community of bloggers and tweets in Wilmington, N.C. have joined forces to network their websites at We’re proud that “Find your Voice” has a home among these terrific blogs. Take a read and be sure to submit your site if you’re a Wilmington Blogger!

Shawn loves the stories behind Hollywood Studio logos – The folks over at have a great look back at some iconic Hollywood logos and how they came to be. Answers to questions like: Who is the boy on the moon in the DreamWorks logo? Which mountain inspired the Paramount logo? You get to see the actual model used for the Columbia Torch Lady… well, at least one of the models. You also get to see the evolution of logos for companies such as Warner Bros. and MGM. I always did love that lion’s roar!

Susan loves shorter commercial breaks during Fringe – Fox’s breakout television hit this season, Fringe, is making both advertisers and viewers happy. At the start of each commercial break, an image related to show pops up on screen with a voice over announcing that Fringe will be back in 60 or 90 seconds. These shortened breaks raise the probability that the advertisers spot will be seen because only one or two run before the show returns. It also keeps viewers tuned in and in their seats for the commercials’ duration because the show will be back on in the blink of an eye.



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