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All copywriting should be from an SEO standpoint

July 22nd, 2009 by Nathan Snell

While I am certainly no copywriting master like Debbie or Susan here, I do wield my force in search engine optimization and other online strategies. What I have been noticing, however, is probably what most of you in the copywriting or public relations industry are noticing (and where the money is going): SEO is a “new” copywriting tool.

All copy on the web should be written from an SEO standpoint.This means writing from the basis of keywords that will optimize your online exposure and narrow the focus of your message, making your work that much more effective.

A marriage between SEO and copywriting means more sales. If search engine optimization is the act of getting your information found by your customers based on the keywords your customers are already searching for, then using the very same words your customers found the content with to begin with should improve sales due to your copy resonating with the consumer. This, no doubt, provides the best use of the content, or copy, being created.

Use SEO methods in your copywriting to improve your content.

  • You improve sales by using words that resonate with the customer - it’s what they searched for, after all.
  • You’re writing copy that not only sells, but gets found by your target audience.
  • Your copy is benefiting your website as a whole due to its search engine optimization components.

    If you’re looking to do copywriting or press release writing, an understanding of search engine optimization is becoming more and more critical to the point where it’s beginning to be listed in job requirements. This makes perfect sense, since copy and content should have been created this way to begin with. And with the majority of content going digital, even the copy you’re writing for traditional outlets are finding their way to the internet.


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    • Hey Thom, I appreciate the weigh in, and I think you make a good point.

      Just to be clear (since you mentioned the social media press release), when I am talking about an SEO optimized release, I am speaking to both traditional releases and SMPR. That is, SEO should be in both your traditional releases AND your SMPRs.

      To what you said about SMPR's, I agree that, in the current time, if someone is sending out an SMPR they ought to also distribute a traditional release that is touting the SMPR. But both releases should be SEO optimized.

    • ThomRansom

      Hey Nathan-
      Picked your blog post off of Twitter and thought I might throw in.
      It's been my impression that PR and marketing professionals should consider publishing two versions of copy: One SEO optimized and one content-rich, depending on the media they're targeting. Though media sources are changing preferences from traditional press releases to SMPR's, I wouldn't think you'd want to automatically exclude those that prefer the former. I'm sure it depends on the type of copy you're writing too.

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