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Tech Talk: What are keywords?

June 22nd, 2009 by Nathan Snell

Tech Talk - Talk, Wimington NC

There’s a lot of terms flying around in this new age of “social technology”, where companies like Facebook, Blogger, and Twitter are becoming household names. But what do any of these terms really mean and why should you care? That’s what I’ll be explaining in my weekly Tech Talk.

What are “keywords” exactly?

Keywords are the words people use to search for information online. For example, if you’re looking for information on how to blog, you might google “How to blog” or “What is a blog”. These are keywords, or what are sometimes referred to as key phrases (where the keywords make up a keyphrase).

Why are keywords and key phrases important?

The proper keywords and key phrases can drive significant traffic to your website through a method called search engine optimization. Think of the “traffic” that comes to your website in the same way you might think of the traffic that you get stuck in heading to the mall, or the grocery store - lots of people are taking a specific road to go to a destination (it’s why you’re stuck in traffic, after all). The same concept applies to the internet with search engine optimization and keywords.

Finding the right key phrase(s) is like finding the right road to have your business located on. It’s making sure when people drive by, or when people search, you’re currently at the location they’re looking. This is why the old adage of “Location, location, location” isn’t dead by any means. There’s just a different method for determining what the best location online is, a method where keywords are the road, and search engine optimization is preparing your business for display.


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