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Cost Effective Business Card Design

June 19th, 2009 by Shawn Smock

pillowsdesignmatters1I am at the very tail end of redesigning Talk’s business cards. And by tail end I mean – they are being printed right now. The design process was similar to most. I explored three or four options that made sense for our specific needs. Then one of the ideas rose to the top of the list. Why? It offered a flexibility that the other options lacked – the ability to change existing employees cards, add new cards or even change the whole look without breaking the bank. An example of great timeless design couched in today’s most current trends. Speaking of couches, the concept is very much like buying the best couch you can afford knowing you’ll be living with it for years to come. All you have to do is switch out the pillows to reinvigorate and update the look.

Translate that to business cards and here is what you have:

The couch or “main card” is where we’re spending all the money. We are printing a large quantity with a few of the bells and whistles. A really thick stock with die-cuts, 2 sided printing with double hits of black, pms 139 (our signature color), a dull varnish overall and finally a spot gloss aqious varnish. Sounds like a lot but its actually relatively tame – safe even.  We are intentionally only using the Talk logo and permanent Talk info on this part of the card. No updating and no reprints necessary.

Now comes the fun part – the accent pillows are labels that are applied to the “main card” in smaller batches. All employee and specific contact info goes on a label that has been customized for each employee. Including a variety of colors that correlate with our new website and custom illustrations of each employee. The best part – the printing will literally cost a few dollars since they are being printing in very small batches on a digital press. We can change and update the labels whenever we see fit without incurring the costs of traditional printing.

Great design. Cost effective. Flexible. I think my work is done so its time to kick up my feet and take a rest.


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  • Great blog posting Shawn! Very well written. Can't wait to start passing out my new cards!!

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