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The flip book has made a comeback!

September 29th, 2008 by Natalie

I just received a direct mail piece from Target that’s an interesting twist on the flip book, like three flip books in one. The pages feature photographs of faces divided into three sections. So you can mix and match the forehead, eyes/nose and mouth of about 30 different people. I spent way too long creating funny faces before I realized the purpose of the book — coupons. But it did the trick. It stood out amidst the clutter of other junk mail. I didn’t throw it away. In fact, I brought it in the office for show ‘n tell.

People crave interactivity nowadays. And in the flip book, you have an interactive, fun marketing tool.

Flip books can serve many different marketing, promotional and advertising purposes. They can be used to promote a new product or service at trade shows and special events, like a mini-commercial. They’re also great for storytelling. When you’re digging through your bag of tricks, don’t forget about the flip book.

Check out the gallery on this vendor’s site for some creative ideas.


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